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ECD teacher training

Short courses

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Monitoring & evaluation

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Our teacher training focuses on Literacy, Numeracy, Cognitive Development and STEM in Early Childhood and beyond.

Our short courses are for groups of ECD, Grade R, Foundation and Intermediate phase facilitators/teachers.

Courses on offer:
  • Emergent literacy
  • Literacy development
  • Emergent maths
  • Perceptual Skills
  • LEGO Six Bricks and Playbox
  • ​ORT SA CAPE Literacy Wheel
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    helps learners ask clarification questions to establish connections between the content and their own experiences
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    helps learners engage meaningfully with the text by comparing, critiquing, adjusting, and assessing what they do or do not understand
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    helps learners reflect critically on earlier predictions, what they have learnt, and the value of the experience



ORT SA CAPE’s Level 4 ECD teacher training course is fully/SETA accredited. 
Students attend lectures once a week for 18 months in ORT Education’s classroom and are required to do practical training in various ECD centres.
Through our ECD teacher training programmes, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Educate and stimulate a desire for learning in young children
  • Be placed in ECD centres in their own communities, apply for jobs in the private and/or public nursery school sector, or start their own ECD centres
  • Contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing of children in their own homes and communities
  • Have an appropriate understanding of child development and practical teaching methods 


Casper is a constructive afterschool programme for enrichment in robotics and reading in the broader Winelands communities of Stellenbosch and Franshoek.
This programme positively contributes to building learners’ self-esteem and collaborative learning skills
by offering:
*    Literacy and reading – peer learning and a buddy  system is used alongside the ORT SA CAPE Literacy
       wheel and mobile app
*    Robotics - Using LEGO robotics construction kits and computers to improve science, technology,   

      mathematics as well as cognitive and perceptual skills
The CASPER Literacy Wheel and App are tools teachers can use in their classrooms to improve learners' reading practices and to help them become independent readers.


We specialize in monitoring and evaluation of educational programmes and projects, from learner book analyses to teacher and course evaluation, as an external consultant for the Western Cape Education Department.  
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